Are you craving delicious boiled peanuts for sale? Do you want a quick snack for you and your family? Well, The Peanut Guy is ready to serve you!

Check out our cool capabilities and services:

- Special peanut boiling method: Do you want to know what separates us from the other peanut vendors out there? It's our special method! You heard that right. A special peanut boiling method! This method ensures that the peanuts you order will get to you safely. Plus, their flavor will remain fresh and as desirable as ever. We promise - you will keep coming back for more! 

- Fantastic flavor: And don't get us started on flavor! But since you wanna know, our peanuts boast excellent flavor that will redefine your snacking moments. If you are looking for flavorful peanuts, then we can help you out. 
- Online ordering system: Thanks to the Internet, you can now satisfy your peanut cravings in a snap. The Peanut Guy has an excellent online ordering system. Just give us a call or a detailed email inquiry! 

- The Peanut Guy Club: Do you love boiled peanuts and live near our store? Then you should join the Peanut Guy Club! If you are a member, you can get occasional discount coupons - now you can save money while enjoying your favorite snack! You can even send us a photo, and we will post them anonymously in our site.
Just email us from the contact page. 

- Free bumper sticker: Do you like freebies? Well, we have something for you - a free bumper sticker which shows your appreciation for our wonderful peanuts! Our high-quality glossy bumper sticker says "I Brake for Boiled Peanuts." It's included free in any order as long as you write it in the form. 

Contact The Peanut Guy!

Tel:  864-906-6197
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3065 Wade Hampton BLVD
Taylors SC 29687