I have scoured the internet and purchased from many vendors. I honestly believe I have the best all around  bet for authentic southern boiled peanuts. Considering price I may not be the absolute cheapest, but who would expect the cheapest to be the best. As far as taste, I don't believe there is any comparison with anyone else out there.
"Simply stated, we are here to delight.  We hope that thru our superior product, convenient packaging and faster delivery, first timers will become regulars by finding a worry-free method of stocking up on boiled peanuts with just a couple of mouse clicks."
About Us
Hi. I'm the one calling himself the Peanutguy. I spent most of my life operating restaurants in Florida and South Carolina. However, I now refuse to work anymore 100 hour workweeks and have devoted the last few years to concentrate on one of my specialties...boiled peanuts. No more customers complaining a waitress was a little rude or scrubbing pots and pans at midnight because the dishwasher didn't show again. I like this peanut thing a lot, and it's pretty simple really.
I see lots of smiling faces, get bunches of happy email feedback, and spend a lot of time outside in the sun. My first restaurant taught me you have to have a product that is so good that people will actually remember it and come back. I bring that with me to this websites products. I may not be the best website designer out here, but I promise that what you get will be what you would expect from an expert southern peanutman.                                                                                   -Tom Lowe (PeanutGuy)
It's a family affair
Boiled peanuts in the family
I hope this is enough
Always start them early.
This guy loves his job!
 Bree and boiled peanuts
This is how you do it
New employees Madison and Kaylee with Daisy their new roommate.
Madison with Granddad and lil sis.